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NES Emulator for NumWorks calculators

Build and install a firmware containing a port of nofrendo NES emulator on the NumWorks calculator

Preliminary step & disclaim

Do an official firmware upgrade. Follow the instructions on the official site. This is needed to setup the requirements for programming the calculator from here.

If something goes wrong, you can always restore the calculator using this method, so it is better to know how to do it before all.

I'm not affiliated with NumWorks. If your calculator is buggy when using this firmware, please restore the offical and try again.


This page will only work with the OLD HARDWARE REVISION (N100) of the NumWorks calculator !
Please go here for the new hardware revision (N110)

Step 1: Choose a ROM

Step 2: Choose a base firmware

The firmwares provided here are based on version 12.1.0

You can only choose a firmware that will fit within the memory of the calculator (including the ROM, less than {{1024*1024}} bytes).

You must also choose a version corresponding to the origin of the ROM. For US/JP choose NTSC, for EUR choose PAL

Step 3: Upload

Connect the calculator to a USB port and push the reset button on the back, then click the upload button.

When asked to choose a device, select "STM32 BOOTLOADER"

{{lastAction || 'Progress'}}

If something goes wrong, do the official firmware upgrade again, even if the calculator does not power up. Do not forget to push the reset button AFTER connecting it to the computer !

WARNING: Use at you own risk

Step 4: Enjoy !


  • Up, Down, Left, Right
  • Home: Select
  • Power: Start
  • OK: B
  • Back: A
  • Clear: Reset
  • Any other: Exit