NES emulator on NumWorks calculator



I have put together an utility to flash a precompiled firmware here :


I have extracted the sources of the emulator from the epsilon repository :

The following build instructions are deprecated.


This is a port of nofrendo NES Emulator. Some adaptations were borrowed from esp32-nesemu, and some ugly additional work was done to make it run on the calculator.

The port is very basic, there is no sound (it should be possible to abuse the USB port for this), and the state is not saved (even the SRAM of the cartridge, if any). It supports only one ROM (but the available flash on the calculator is very limited).

Building & flashing it

If you have the NumWorks SDK installed, just do:

$ git clone -b nofrendo
$ cd epsilon
$ make PLATFORM=device EPSILON_SOFTWARE_UPDATE_PROMPT=0 EPSILON_APPS="calculation graph code statistics probability solver sequence regression settings nes" clean epsilon_flash

Then, connect the calculator to the computer to flash it. If the resulting firmware is too big, you can remove some apps in the build by removing them from the list EPSILON_APPS.

To change the ROM, just add the parameter NES_ROM pointing to the ROM file. By default, the 2048 ROM from neskit is used.


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